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Project Description
This is a set of programs and libraries developed with dylan.NET. These applications, class libraries, winforms apps etc. may serve as an example to dylan.NET programmers.


This projext's intention is to give examples for who wants to develop in dylan.NET. Some of the apps/libraries might be useful utilities such as the under devlopment msbuildcompiler and lxd dylan.NET projects. One may also contribute his work with dylan.NET here.


To rebuild the projects in the distro you need .NET 3.5 SP1 or .NET 4.0 Beta 2 (please note that dylan.NET has a compiler for both frameworks), the dylan.NET compiler for the framework version you want to build for, Windows XP/Vista/7. Make sure you change the file path refernces to the actual paths on your system! One may also want the sources for dylan.NET which are also available here at codeplex. To build the source you will need Visual Studio e2008/2010.


As the projects made with dylan.NET are small it is easier to get the latest distro from the TFS servers using the Source Code tab.


Like dylan.NET , the projects here are all under the Ms-PL

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